Welcome to Holistic Wellness Coaching. Our Gold Coast based holistic wellness centre has a broad range of services, modalities and workshops to assist you in achieving a happier, healthier and spiritually fulfilled and enriched life. 

Our team of nationally recognised (some of Australia’s leading authorities in their field), compassionate, experienced practitioners take a holistic and integrative approach of mind, body, heart and spirit. We specialise in mind-body medicine, alternative healing, destiny and life purpose readings, soul profiling, nutrition and coaching methodologies that bridge science and spirituality.  

For a brief overview of the areas we can help you with please read below:

  • Health / Healing / Wellness Coaching
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Weight loss / Eating Issues / Body Image Issues
  • Relationships and Sex Coaching / Relationship Compatibility Analysis
  • Personal Development / Life Purpose / Career and Business / Life Coaching
  • Emotional and Mental Health: Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Grief, Trauma, Stress, Fear, Jealousy, Anger, Guilt
  • Guided Numerology and Intuitive Readings: Life Purpose & Destiny readings, Personality and Soul Profiling

Please enjoy our free gift to you, a 30 minute complimentary consultation. Due to our many modalities and practitioners, this first free session assesses your needs and how we can best assist you in achieving your health, life or wellness goals. Click here to transform your life today.

We offer coaching internationally and our methods are easily used over the phone. Check out our calendar for our next seminar. We have assisted people in transforming various aspects of their lives in relatively short periods of time and pride ourselves on our deep, powerful and lasting methods. Our success stories will show you a handful of some of the people we’ve helped. We would love to be a part of your journey and assist you in creating the health, life or happiness you seek so please book your no-obligation free consultation today. 

Be the author of your life,

Tamika Hilder

Director | Intuitive Healer & Coach | Speaker | Writer