About Us

Hello and Welcome to HOLISTIC WELLNESS COACHING INSTITUTE! We are delighted you have chosen to visit our website.

Now that you are here, let us ask you ~ Are you settling for ORDINARY?

Most of us were raised to believe we are ordinary. We are not raised to believe the truth, which is, we are in fact EXTRAORDINARY, our Divine birthright. This ordinary part of us, the EGO, is the part that insists:

  • I am what I have
  • I am what I do
  • I am what other people think of me; (My Reputation)

Our EGO tries to convince us we are separate; wherein, we are born perfect and then snatched out of that perfection and programmed into accumulating and achieving. We never get back to the extraordinary part of ourselves because the ordinary part thinks we are having a ‘successful’ life.

But beyond ORDINARY is the EXTRAORDINARY—what we call the “SOUL” That formless, invisible, birthless, deathless, infinite part of us, which only wants to expand and grow; to be FREE. We need to address this infinite, no-limits part of ourselves.

As our Soul’s Purpose is NOT what we DO but is the fullest Expression of who we ARE, this then leads us to the concepts of “Being” and “Doing”. Whilst we are called upon to act, to create, the Universe also wants to know its own essence through us and this is realised by our drive to be totally content and at peace in the present moment. Yes, we strive to DO things, but we often lose ourselves in the DOING and miss out on BEING. Can we remain rooted in being and act from there rather than acting from the needs of the ego? The essence that is timeless and infinite in everyone is “being.” Conscious union with that can lead to “awakened doing.”

To be able to express who you are fully, you must make a dramatic shift. Your Soul knows the part of you that is extraordinary, the part of you that knows ‘I can be anything, anything I can place my attention on, by how I FEEL.

Based on these concepts, Holistic Wellness Coaching Institute has been established to support you in awakening and igniting the Divine Spark of your complete, whole self and in the expression of this awakening, begin creating a design for your life that is filled with joy, bliss, love, passion and PEACE.

Together, through our coaching and programs we will create a sacred space to eradicate limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles that will then bring balance, and harmonise the flow of your life.

We will assist you in deepening your inner connection, following your desires and celebrating the joy of who you are.

We welcome you with an open heart.

With Infinite Love